Monday, 1 March 2010


Sometimes there's a a pattern that just sucks you in, sends you into a spin and you have to try it out. Such was my experience with this amazing pattern, In the Pink by IzzyKnits.

So I tried it out with my Casbah, wondering whether the pooling tendency would be broken up by the eyelets. Which it was, very nicely. Except now I am completely decided about this yarn - the variegation is not working for me. Three gently used skeins of Handmaiden Fine Yarns Casbah in shade Vintage for sale or trade on Ravelry.

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Ann Gibson said...

I have In the Pink in my queue too! I bought some Dream In Color Starry for it (since the swirls look so much like a galaxy) but I am trying to finish up some WIPs first. Do you still like the colors of the Casbah? If so, do try a slip pattern or K1B before trading it. (I have the K1B book if you want to borrow.)