Saturday, 6 March 2010

worsted case scenario

I've alluded to this before but will now come out and say it - I'm a gauge snob. Yes, anything that knits at less than 22 stitches to 10 centimetres is, well, a stitch (or several) below the mark in my book. But boy, does it knit up quickly and is hence perfect for baby gear!

I only just recently discovered the 'friend activity' tab on Ravelry and have been regularly peeking at what other people are liking, planning and knitting. I have thereby also greatly increased the number of items that I am liking, planning and yes, even knitting.

Anyway, that is how I found the super-cute Childhood Remake Sweater from a Norwegian outfit called Pickles and I pretty much just had to cast on straight away. Two days later and I have almost finished the front and front sleeves (I'm knitting it flat instead of in the round because, well, I just wanted to) - great to knit! The yarn that I am using is all from stash - Pingouin Fleur de Laine (Ravelry link) in a baby blue that I got at a stash swap (thanks Melissa!) and some yarn recycled from a J Crew sweater which I substituted for the handspun that the pattern calls for. I don't have any handspun and I thought that this oatmeal-coloured yarn unravelled from an Aran style sweater was rustic enough.

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