Saturday, 27 November 2010


I've been curious lately about dyeing yarn with Kool-Aid so I purchased a few sachets and pottered around in the kitchen last night.

On the right, clockwise from the top, are orange, tropical punch, watermelon cherry and cherry. I also tried black cherry and grape; overdyed each of orange, tropical punch, watermelon cherry and cherry with black cherry and with grape; and tried mixtures of tropical punch and cherry, tropical punch and black cherry and tropical punch and grape. I was curious to see whether mixing something with grape for example would produce a different effect to overdyeing with grape.

Except for the grape which produces quite a dark purple, all of the flavours that I managed to find produced a red of sorts. I'll keep searching for some blues and greens and then see if I can create some semi-solids. Why? Well, just for the fun of it and for that extra sense of being able to create things just the way I want them to be.

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Rachel said...

I have used easter egg dyes to dye yarn as well as kool aid. I have been told you can use food coloring but haven't tried that yet. With the easter dye and food coloring you have to add a glug of white vinegar to set the dye.
I made a pair of longies with the yarn I dyed.
Mostly green with random pink/purple spots. I have more dyed that I was planning on making a Bloom shawl from if I can only find my notes...