Tuesday, 16 November 2010

turning the corner

So, knitted-on edgings - this is the first time that I have knit something using this construction method. First you knit a central panel using a provisional cast-on and leaving the stitches of the final row live (that is, don't cast off). The first stitch of each row is a slip stitch so the edge of the central panel has half as many stitches as rows (one slip stitch counts for two rows).

The knitted-on edging also has a provisional cast-on. The first stitch of the odd rows (knitting from the panel out to the edge) is a slip stitch and the last stitch of the even rows (knitting from the edge back towards the panel) is knit together with either one of those slip stitches from the edge or a live stitch. Have I lost you? It's ok if I have, because the purpose of this explanation is to let you know that turning the corner is even more complicated.

There are excellent instructions in the book but I think that they are for a centre panel of eight repeats, and I did nine. That's an extra 36 rows which is not a multiple of 14 (the number of rows in the edging). So, when I got to the corner I was in a slightly different place to the instructions. Oh well. I fudged it a bit and got the corner repeat in basically the right place but it is not sitting particularly flat. Thank goodness for the stretchiness of knitting, and of lace knitting particularly, as I think that it will block out fine.

Now I'm on the edge again.


Leonie said...

If you did't tell us, we wouldn't know :-) Glad it's working out for you. Nice that it's almost done. Can't wait to see it blocked.

Anonymous said...

Your blog looks great!!! It must take you a lot of time writing and uploading all the photos.
I am sitting here in Leusden The Netherlands, (remember?), with your mother!