Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Karl Blossfeldt was a German photographer, sculptor, teacher and artist who lived from 1865 to 1932. I have always loved his close-ups of plants and foliage and when I happened across this design, that is just what I thought of.

The Vital Statistics
Koru by Justine Turner of Just Jussi - available free.
The pattern is written for a newborn size but as I used a heavier yarn and did more rows, this would fit a two- or three-year old.
Louisa Harding Kashmir DK in colourway 23, 'slate', 1.4 skeins. I held the yarn double.
4.5mm for the ribbing, 5mm for the hat and 4mm for the fronds.
Start to finish:
1 February to 2 February 2011 - quick knit!
Stash/recycle content: Hmm, semi-stash. Yes, the yarn came from the cupboard but only because it has been sitting there untouched since I bought it many months ago, waiting for a project to come along and employ it.

I love this design. I did lose track of the stitch count somewhere along the way but figure that a stitch here or there just adds to the organic qualities of the hat, yes? Not a mistake, just a design feature. I also knit 14 rows straight after the ribbing instead of 8 to make the hat deeper.
I'm very happy with this hat. I'd like to make it again and pay a bit more attention to the stitch counts (just for my own satisfaction), maybe in an even heavier yarn and with longer fronds perhaps.

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Leonie said...

Love the fern fronds, longer ones would be very interesting indeed.