Tuesday, 15 February 2011

getting there

It's been a couple of weeks already since my FedEx package made its way through Trout, Oregon and then onto Kent, Washington before arriving here in Seattle. I have taken it out of the box but haven't even plugged it in yet. That's kind of how things have been around here lately.

I do have three finished knitting projects to show and one finished sewing project as well as some ongoing yarn dilemmas. I finally got a bee in my bonnet about the amount of stuff that was sitting in my yarn stash and did a tidy out - everything that wasn't destined for a particular project, everything about which I kept thinking 'oh yes, but it might be useful one day', all those half-balls, all of it got the boot. Ahhh, feels so much better! I'm still unsure about that Anny Blatt Fine Kid - I've decided against a garment and I think it may work better for a stole or wrap of some kind.

And the finished projects - yeah, yeah, I'll get to them.

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