Wednesday, 23 March 2011

the feast goes on

I have been working sporadically on the Babette crochet blanket. Like self-striping yarns, these squares are quite addictive - what colour combination will come up next? All of the yarns for this are from my stash, some of them thrifted, some of them carted across the Pacific, some of them bought at the op shop (and therefore also carted across the Pacific).

I'm not sure about some of the colour combinations and I'm hoping that those darker blocks will be balanced out in the larger scheme of things. I also chose a self-striping yarn deliberately to make up some of the larger areas in the largest square. I'm not sure that this was a great idea as self-striping yarns really don't achieve the same effect with crochet.

So yes, all of these squares contain at least one round of the same yarn. In some squares it is mottled, in others there is just the dark brown, in some you get the pink. A project bag with 17 separate balls of yarn in it is quite cumbersome, so I am working all of the squares with yarn A in them first, then I'll do all with yarn B and so on. When I have a dozen or so more squares, I'll start to lay them out on a sheet to get an idea of the overall effect. I'm not going to seam as I go because I want to have the flexibility to swap some squares around.

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