Thursday, 21 July 2011


So, miss bear came home from preschool asking "Can we bake bread mama?" Sure, of course we can, but only because I had seen reference to a no-knead bread recipe. The instant yeast was a bit hard to come by, I ended up buying it online but that was about the most difficult aspect of this recipe. It really is four ingredients mixed up and let it sit for quite a while. Then wrap the dough up in a teatowel and let it rise for a bit. Then bake it for 45 minutes all up.

I've been quite elastic with the first two timeframes, once I let it rise overnight. No discernible difference. I've also been experimenting with using all whole wheat flour, all unbleached all-purpose flour and a mixture of both. And I added a tablespoon of sesame seeds to one loaf which came out fine.

The next thing miss bear asked if we could do together was wash the dishes. Uh, no, that's what we have a dishwasher for.

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