Monday, 4 July 2011

a decade in the making

This sewing pattern dates my dressmaking aspirations.

I took my first (and so far only) dressmaking course at the CAE when I was twenty-four. Then, as now, I was inspired by wanting to have clothes in my wardrobe that fit.

This pattern is dated 1995 and is one that I had in mind way back when and decided to look it up again. I remembered that it was DKNY and that the dress pictured was in a coin-spot print. Thank you internet - Vogue 1573. Thank you ebay, it's on its way in the post.

It's a bit hard to tell from here whether options A and B are the same shape-wise, just from different fabric. And while I can't see myself making a lace dress, perhaps an eyelet cotton of some sort which would require a slip underneath.

Anyway, I've taken a bit of a gamble here - the only size available online was this 14-16-18 and I'm not sure whether the 14 will be too big. I'll be doing another toile (or two).

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Leonie said...

Nice dress! I haven't made a dress for me since I had the kids, I'm too scared to contemplate the size and adjustments that would be required LOL!!!