Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Ooh, my pattern arrived in the mail. And I jumped the gun a bit and went out and bought fabric. So it turns out, upon receiving the pattern and closely reading the fine print on the back, that the recommended fabrics for this design are chiffon, georgette or crêpe de chine: basically, a lot of drape. And not so often made from natural fibres (although you can get silk chiffon or wool crêpe).

After consultation with a very helpful sales assistant at Nancy's Sewing Basket, I've decided to try out some Italian cotton voile. It's hard to tell from the photo but this is actually an extremely dark blue and there are two bands of the floral across the bottom of the yardage (which will be the bottom of the skirt).

I will also need to line the dress and am considering using Kaufman Radiance, a cotton/silk blend. Anyone had experience with this? or with sewing voile? or pronouncing it? and will I have to make french seams?

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shandy said...

Gosh you are being bold with that fabric - it looks seriously expensive. My guess is that it will fray, so French seams may be a good idea.