Thursday, 1 September 2011

violent voile

This is the absolute cheapest, not to mention most horrendous, voile that I could find in Seattle. I bought it at a certain 'big box' store (as they are called in these parts). When I paid, the dear cashier commented what a great print it was and I couldn't help but tell her exactly, well, that it was horrendous and the cheapest that I could find.

I am ready to make a toile of Vogue 1573 in the actual weight fabric that I intend to use. May I stress, this is not the fabric that I intend to use for the final version. No way. I'm just serious about making sure that when I do cut into that beautiful Italian cotton voile that what I make is going to be something that I will wear. Surely there is no quicker way to put yourself off home dressmaking than to rush through it and produce a ... significant waste of funds. Experience is always invaluable.

And to that end I am prepared to sew with this violent voile. Maybe I'll use the wrong side instead.

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Rachel said...

I think I have seen this type of pattern on many ready-to-wear maxi dresses this summer.
I am following you bust adjustments with interest as if I ever sew anything for myself I will have to do the same. I still have 10 months of baby nursing ahead of me so there is still time to plan.