Saturday, 3 March 2012

february reading

This is not really what I had in mind with my reading goals but oh well, this is what I managed this month. (I actually managed to let my hold on V is for Vengeance expire [shudder] and couldn't bring myself to read anything else all month).

Found, Free and Flea: creating collections from vintage treasures by Tereasa Surratt - ah, to buy a disused summer camp and find it full of vintage treasures and to then supplement with the fruits of endless thrifting, flea market shopping and side-o'-the-road finds. Ah, to be able to afford to buy a disused summer camp in the first place (need to be an advertising executive at Ogilvy & Mather).

And to have the luxury of time to do all of that thrifting and flea market shopping and stopping at the side of the road (where do you get free time if you are an ad exec at Ogilvy & Mather?). The only thing that these people don't seem to have is kids - hmmm .... (although there is a cryptic note at the end welcoming Charlie and they can't wait to meet him/her. Maybe a baby, maybe a puppy).

Anyway, not to be churlish (ok, too late) this is a great book to look at and fun to read with a good central idea about turning any vintage item into a collection by acquiring more, similar items and lots of photos to prove it. The central approach of only acquiring said items by means of 'found, free or flea' is a welcome ethos.

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Unknown said...

I read this and had similar thoughts too! It's a very pretty book but I can't imagine buying a summer camp... where do they live in the Winter? Oh well, a nice fantasy.