Tuesday, 20 March 2012

more kool

I've done some more Kool Aid dyeing recently. I really like the Les Miserables shawl by Cynthia Parker (more felting, I must be careful) but am not particularly taken with any of the Classic Elite Yarns Silky Alpaca Lace colourways. Ah, typical DIY-ster, I just think that I'll dye some up myself. I bought a ball of the (2401 - white) and a few packets of Kool Aid - cherry, black cherry, pink lemonade and grape - and set about testing them out, both by themselves and in combination with each other.

I didn't really achieve any effect that I had in mind but it was fun to do (and miss bear helped me, she thought it was fun too but couldn't understand why I wouldn't let her drink the stuff; really, when you see how it can dye yarn, would you let it anywhere near your innards?). And the white flashes where I had bound up the little yarn bundles spoil the effect somewhat too.

Anyway, I'm planning to get my hands on some blue and then overdye that with grape (and perhaps the other way around too) to see if I can achieve some sort of dusty Parisian purple. (Speaking of which, if you happen to be visiting Paris, don't miss Le Musée des Égouts de Paris, yes, the Paris Sewer Museum. Perhaps one of the city's more bizarre museums but really interesting, and not particularly smelly. Dank, but not smelly.)

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Leonie said...

Love the Kool Aid colours. I'm so tempted to get the jelly out and dye up a storm with the kids but I really want to know what the project will be first!