Tuesday, 20 January 2009

the ecstasy

Some say there is no going back. I say, what the heck, you never know. Actually, early on during our stay here in the US I saw a very cute doll's house at Value Village in Redmond. I rang the next day to ask whether it was still there but the woman whom I spoke to sounded very vague about it and when she finally got back on the line I had to remind her what it was that I had asked her to check on. No, no, she told me, no doll's house. But I didn't believe her so I went back anyway and there it was.

So, back to Tukwila, back to Ikea, back to Goodwill, back to the sweater aisle. Quick panicked search of the rack - not there. Panic is not a good shopping mate. On closer inspection, in the correct size section of the rack, there it was - my Talbots cardigan.