Thursday, 22 January 2009

the joy

This pile of yarn is going to be my Joy. The cardi that is, from Rowan's Vintage Style. Ah, I remember the day that I came across Rowan. I had discovered knitting and then I discovered that there were actually patterns worth knitting. Pre-Ravelry I had a word doc full of pictures clipped from the internet of Rowan patterns that I wanted to make. And Joy was one of them, so it is actually since a very long while ago that I have been wanting to make this garment.

As such I am going to take my time with it, I am going to make sure that it fits beautifully, I am going to frog sections if they are not right, I am going to carefully model the size and shape after my favourite fitting woollen cardigan.
The original Joy pattern calls for some five-and-a-half thousand, yes my friends thousand, tiny little beads but many smart people have been substituting in a purl stitch. I will be following their example.

It's going to be a joy to knit, isn't it?

(And if it's not, there's always Lombard or Fontaine or Lisette or ....)


Shannon said...

I'm so excited for you! Did you do anything special to your yarn before you wound it?

I have a very large sweater that I can't wear, and I'd like to reclaim the yarn for something better...

goodkarma said...

Oooh, so much purply goodness!