Friday, 23 January 2009

eight carat diamond

I've worked the thumb gusset on the mittens and you can see the eight-stitch diamond pattern coming up on the back there. It's a simple knit-purl combination - good and subtle, very manly!

I'm really enjoying knitting with dpns which I hadn't quite expected - magic loop can get a bit tedious with all that pulling through. Although maybe I just really love the feel of the bamboo in my hands.

I think just one more row even to go and then I put the thumb stitches on some spare thread - exciting! That's something that I really like about knitting an item that I haven't done before - learning the ins and outs of its construction.

The recycled yarn is going well. It breaks a bit more easily than commercial yarn. I'm not sure whether that's because it is lambswool but I have to be careful when I give the yarn that extra little tug when changing from one needle to the next. And it's great when someone asks me what I'm knitting with and I can reply, 'J Crew' (which is not a yarn brand at all but a fashion lable).

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yarnivorous said...

Gosh, you are having fun with the recycled yarn! I have a heap in a box that I should get knitting with... Good going on getting the twinset :-)