Friday, 16 January 2009

silk shells

I've also been doing a spot of crochet.

The vital statistics
I just pretty much made this up as I went along. It's row upon row (right side and wrong side) of shell stitch with five trebles (English terminology; double crochet in the US) per cluster. I crocheted until the yarn ran out.
Yarn: Art Yarns Silk Rhapsody, shade 130. A partial ball of this was thrust upon me (in the nicest possible way) at a recent yarn swap in a 'here, you'll think of something to do with this' moment. Famous last words. It had to be something for baby bear because these are not colours for me and it had to be super-fast because I didn't want this partial ball of yarn floating around in the closet for the next three years.
Needles: 5mm crochet hook
Start to finish: 14 January 2009 to 15 January 2009

Comments: My favourite use of variegated yarns is garter stitch but it really didn't fit into my knitting schedule and I wanted it to be fast. Which it was - crochet done within a day and buttons sewn on this evening. I'm really liking this cowl idea for small children. I've sewn on four buttons and because the crochet is quite lacy this be buttoned up any way you like. It's also fascinating to see how the yarn has pooled almost in vertical stripes. Curious that the stitch count and the dying pattern should interact this way.
Verdict: Hmm, crochet just isn't knitting but I'm pleased enough with the final result. Pleased that I thought of something to do with the yarn! It will look cute on baby bear and that always makes me very happy.