Thursday, 7 October 2010


I have been working on my Alabama Studio Style tank dress with spiral appliqué. There are twelve large black spirals, the same number of blue spirals (most large and a few small), and also of small purple spirals. The plan is to hand stitch around all of them. I'm using a silvery grey craft/button thread, not white as this photo appears.

I'm fascinated by the thought processes associated with an undertaking of this scale, by the stages that my mind assigns to the project as a way of getting through it. There's the initial gung-ho start, the dawn of realisation of just how big a job this is, the slogging through it, the constant progress estimations, the possibility that you might just make it, the oh-my-goodness almost there. And then often the anti-climax of actually finishing. Do you notice anything similar when working on something really big? I'd be curious to hear.

(Ah, needless to say this is a situation that I get myself into regularly - doily quilt, knitted veil ...)

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shandy said...

This was absolutely the case with a lace stole I knitted some years ago. Some time puzzling out the pattern and checking the chart every repeat, some time getting into the flow, some time slogging repetitively through it and joy when I blocked it. Followed by anti-climax when I realised it was not flattering to wear.