Thursday, 14 October 2010

skin + bones

Seattle Public Library was good enough to get this book in for me on inter-library loan all the way from Rhode Island - Skin + Bones: parallel practices in fashion and architecture. This is an exhibition catalogue so it contains a couple of written pieces and then photographs and blurbs about the various artist/designer/architect/practitioners.

I only read one of the written pieces about deconstruction (the other mentioned Derrida within the first paragraph and that was enough to put me off I'm afraid; my headspace is precious these days).

The rest of the book was absolutely lush in its illustrations and fascinating to peruse. I was delighted to see some things in there that I recognised: one of my favourite buildings, the Institit du monde arabe in Paris; and an Issey Miyake exhibition at the Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporaine (also in Paris) which I saw in 1995 I think.

And then there were the entries that did my head in, that is, that I had to stop and think about and think about and try out myself to understand how it worked, like the Möbius dress from My Studio. Awesome stuff, I want to try and knit one.

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