Thursday, 14 October 2010


In defense of myself, I have sporadically been working on my knitted veil in Peruvian wool. Slowly, slowly I am getting there. The six-stitch, four-row repeat again and again and again and ...

And every row painstakingly recorded, so that I don't lose track of where I am, so that I know how much I have to go, so that I can calculate down to the last stitch just what percentage of the way I am through. Which currently stands at (7*36+9+66)/456*2/3 or 47.8 per cent of the way.

And the knitting is not much to look at, just the same endless four rows:

And then there is the gut-wrenching question: can I really ever finish this? And the answer: yes, I'm determined to. Eventually. One day. I hope.

My alabama dress is moving along nicely though. Perhaps it's just easier to pick the stitching up but I have already completed nine of the large black swirls (three to go), three small blue swirls (one small and eight large to go), no small purple swirls as yet (so twelve of those to go). And I need to buy another spool of grey button thread.

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