Sunday, 3 February 2008


Ah, finally I can correct some of the bias towards book reviews and best intentions. Look! I got crafty and completed something:

Ah, the obligatory before-and-after shot (replete with poor before lighting and crisp after image, completely incidental by the way). Before is a fine knit white cotton t-shirt with an envelope neckline (brand - Target, size 2, purchased from op shop with tags still attached for less than $2 I imagine). After is the same t-shirt with a scrap of Marimekko fabric appliquéd to the front. This is a leftover from when I made the knitting needle roll way back in July last year (which may also have been the last time I had the sewing machine out).

Having let that slip I can no longer claim that these lovely stitches are the hand stitching that I have lately been indulging in. More of that some other time. No, this is the work of my Janome 720. I think that I did a nice job though with sewing around the curve. The scale of this fabric (Kaivo) is huge compared to the scrap that I have used here and the contrast between the pink and red isn't great so I just wanted to help the definition along a little. Baby bear will look great in this and finally I can add something to the finished items list! I'm so relieved.

I find the effort of getting the sewing machine out of its case and plugged in and threaded up such a mental block but I so enjoy the actual sewing when I get into it. I've also lately found the oomph to get the iron and ironing board out and have produced a few lengths of bias binding.

Now, secret finished socks and appliqué t-shirt - that's two finished projects, which according to my new year's resolutions means that I can start on something new. Whoo-hoo. Now, what will it be? Perhaps the half-finished pair of socks that I started a couple of weeks ago ... oops.

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Cath said...

I'm hearing you on the UFO's - there are soooo many in my sewing room. Love the opshop site. I haven't been to one for ages - mostly because, I feel like I need to actually finish a project, or seventeen. Will be sure to let you know about any gems.