Wednesday, 6 February 2008

knitting new scarves

Compromise - a knitting book review.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my local library? I put in a request for
Knitting New Scarves: 27 Distinctly Modern Designs (by Lynne Barr with photographs by Tyllie Barbosa) and they purchased it. Lovely.

I so often get carried away when I see knitting books, particularly books that are beautifully presented and styled and attract my attention with my favourite colour - red - and think that I am going to knit absolutely everything therein. That's the case here too - not to say that the scarves aren't wonderful, they are, but I am more fascinated by the innovative techniques that are used to make them, such as Drifting Pleats on six double-pointed needles - six!

The scarves are well photographed and I particularly like the little detail below the introduction to each scarf - a line drawing that echoes the shapes or forms in the scarf itself.

Although I think that there's only one scarf that I may actually knit (yes, Drifting Pleats) there are plenty of techniques to be learnt.

Illicit sock knitting update - one sock complete bar the grafting and ends, halfway through the heel on the second sock.


Di said...

OOoh, I may just have to join Port Phillip library...

And I have to let you know that you're a blogger who makes my day (for more than just your Golden Hands exposes). Details on my blog.

Lazy cow said...

So it was YOU who requested it! I was trawling the 'new purchases' link and spotted it, so I'm in line for it. Thanks.

greenolive said...

I think I'm going to have to check that one out and start making requests at my local Library. cause I live in "the sticks" we have a mobile library that comes up here every Wed and Sat. God knows how the librarian gets that big truck round all lose bendy-bends!