Sunday, 24 February 2008


One extra random fact about me - as a new knitter I swore that I would never do socks. I didn't see the point. Round and round, endless knit stitch, fiddly notions like turning heels and picking up stitches, all that debate about Kitchener stitch, blah blah blah - no thank you. And then I knit my first pair - aha, I understand. Knitting socks is great fun.

This pair (only my second!) was a gift for Tim's dad on his eightieth birthday. I still think that the self-striping sock yarn is so effective and so impressive.

The Vital Statistics
Pattern: the classic basic Patons sock pattern.
Yarn: not sure. I got it from Ozknitter and think that it originally came from Lincraft ... Oh, and a bit of Patonyle in a steel blue (#4303) there on the toe to make it easy to remember which is the left sock and which is the right (that is to say, I ran out of yarn).
Needles: op shop 2.25mm aluminium, not very nice to knit with. I really want to get some bamboo dpns.
Start to finish: July 2007 to 9 January 2008 (I suffered from second sock syndrome for a while).
Comments: a great sock knitting experience all round (ha ha). This was my first pair of adult socks and I was pleasantly surprised by how easily the project moved along. Yes, it's a lot of knit stitch but it is punctuated regularly enough by leg decreases, turning the heel, picking up stitches, more decreases. It was very goal-oriented knitting, working my way towards the next structural element. And watching the self-pattern unfold - quite addictive.


Di said...

Well done!
My first socks were for my father, also from an old Patons book, also on metal dpn's which I didn't like, and I also sufferred from second sock syndrome. So you're not alone!

Lazy cow said...

I'm just too scared of those needles to try socks. They do look lovely and toasty though...

zoesquid said...

Now that is something I'd never attempt! Its way beyond me. They do look fantastic though. Have just had a quick flick through your posts. How are you finding study at Monash? I was supposed to start my Masters in Public Health there this year but pulled the pin at the last minute.

fiona said...

wow! i so cant knit! fantastic work!looks like we are both doing the stitches and craft show!cant wait to finally meet you!

greenolive said...

Socks! I am so impressed. Were they as hard as you'd expected? I suppose I just need to buy some needles, get a pattern and get on with it! You have inspired me. And they look fabulous too!

Lorih said...

I just learned how to knit in the round, but socks still intimidate me...but you've given me hope. Those socks are very impressive!