Friday, 8 February 2008


"Monday I have Friday on my mind/Gonna have fun in the city" Easybeats, 1967

I'm so pleased that it's Friday because that means that it's the weekend and Tim will be home and there will hopefully be some time to recoup. I feel so drained at the moment. My mum has been visiting for the last couple of weeks which has been lovely but she left yesterday and that's always emotional. I don't like goodbyes. Baby bear came home from childcare on Wednesday afternoon with a cold and slept for only about four hours that night. Subsequently I slept only four hours that night too. There is a well of tears which I can't quite realise just lurking there in my chest and I find that really draining. I just need a good cathartic sob but can't quite trigger it.

Anyway, my Freitag bag is one of my favourite things. Actually, I think that Freitag was one of the earliest examples that I came across of making things out of recycled materials in an innovative way - used truck tarps, used car seat belts, used bicycle inner tubes re-emerge from obsolescence as bags, wallets, i-pod holders, each one visually unique. So cool.

And I did have fun in the city this evening. I headed in just after 5:00 to the launch of issue 3 of mixtape at Sticky in the Degraves Subway. The atmosphere was quite electric as the end of the working week flowed past, eager to catch the train home. it's "a zine about making time for the small things! mixtapezine is a collision of craft, eco-cool and pop culture kitsch!" I believe that bollewangenhaptoet even got a mention back there in issue 2 (thanks Martine!) so that gives you an idea of just how great it is. It was also great to be out and about, part of the (underground) life of the city. I love Melbourne, everyday.


Stephanie said...

I went to the Freitag shop in Zurich! It's made from shipping containers, I was so excited (until I saw the price-tags, ouch)
Wish I had remembered the mix-tape-zone launch tonight, would have been great. Have a good weekend! :)

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Steph :)

delamare said...

Hi Amelia - hope it's been a good weekend, and you managed to unplug that feeling in one way or another.

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog, especially as we live in the same part of Melbourne and I recognise many of the places you write about (hope you're considering Nelson Street kinder when Baby Bear is old enough - it is truely wonderful).

And thank you for visiting my blog - I've been enjoying some of your comments on my old posts.

fiona said...

i came across a poster for 'i op therefore i am! outside the salvos store in glen waverly.Lots of the tags had been taken! did you want help distrubiting them over this side of town? love baby bears tshirt very cool and finally sorry i missed you at the launch it would have been great to meet in person.couldnt manage getting all five poppits sorted and getting into town at that hour!