Sunday, 27 April 2008


It is nine years since I was last in Paris. I wouldn't claim to know the city well enough to say that so much has changed (or not) but I have noticed some definite differences.

The first is the
Vélib' scheme - free-use bicycles which are stationed all over the city and appear to be well used. Despite having lived in Amsterdam for two years and having ridden a bike everywhere without a helmet it terrifies me to see people riding the boulevards of Paris bare headed. Ah, if I were younger and more foolhardy perhaps ...

And the second is wifi - everywhere, including the parks. Yes, there are people lazing around on the grass in the Place des Vosges quite possibly reading this sentence.


pam said...

Chere Amelie,
Non, je ne me suis pas detendue a la place de vosges. Cependant, je suis a Wynyard, en lisant ton 'blog'. Merveilleux.
J'espere que tout va bien.

Anonymous said...

I would love to go to France someday! Will have to wait until the kids grow up! My husband and i have plan to go on a tasting trip around Europe! Cheese, Pasta, Pastry whatever we can get our hands on!Love your blog and thanks for the link too! Shae xo