Monday, 21 April 2008

vol 7

Knitting - yes, I think that it is my favourite creative past time. I love to crochet and have recently been enjoying a bit of embroidery and sewing but really, it is knitting that I adore. And finally, in volume 7 of Golden Hands: the complete knitting, dressmaking and needlecraft guide, I have found something that I want to knit!
The pattern calls for an obsolete (thank goodness) 4ply - Bairnswear Babysoft Nylon - but I think that I will use the Grignasco Bambi which was originally intended for Lynda. I'm not sure that my resizing aspirations for Lynda are going to be successful with a 4ply so will use it instead for this adorable puff-sleeved cardigan. Codename? Mavis perhaps?

There are also some good knitting technique chapters in this volume, including how to knit 'slimming darts'. Just make sure that the neck opening is big enough to accommodate that hairdo!

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Donna said...

Your tomten brought me here (love it!), but I had to comment on the Golden Hands. As a teen in the 70's I subscribed, and two years ago I bought the whole set on ebay. What a trip down memory lane! The pictures are funky, but the information is priceless!