Thursday, 17 April 2008

vol 6

With volume 6 of Golden Hands: the complete knitting, dressmaking and needlecraft guide I thought that I would focus on the dressmaking chapters, partly because some friends have expressed an interest in pattern drafting and garment construction recently, partly because I've neglected it so far.
The dressmaking chapters are very detailed with plenty of instructions on how to sew into the bias, make French seams, lay out pattern pieces, and notes about fitting.

I think that at some point in our teenage years as we've been working out just what our look is (oh ok, and in later years) making our own clothes seems like a great way to get just exactly what we want. I myself was put off by all the jargon on the sewing patterns, the ill-sized dimensions, the fact that the finish wouldn't be what I had come to expect from commercially produced fashion (raw edges, unh). I even did a pattern-making and a dressmaking course once, way back when, at CAE.

I really like the idea of Thread Den - a 'sewing lounge' - although I haven't made it for a visit yet (North Melbourne, tad inconvenient for this south-of-the-Yarra girl). The concept though is great - sewing machines available for hire, assistance on hand, classes available and apparently a full set of Golden Hands.

I've mentioned before that I rarely wear shirts or blouses because they invariably gape across the front - not a good look. It would be great to learn how to either draft or adjust a pattern so that doesn't happen. Oh yeah, maybe one day.

The current craft update: I have been really busy finishing things. This is partly because I have had too many projects on the go at once for too long and have had no satisfaction from seeing things come to fruition which is eventually quite discouraging. Jeremy has been blocked and seamed - just the collar to go, ends to weave and then some embroidery. I have actually been working on the baby ballerina sleeves - hooray. The felted jumper bag is going slowly.

And according to my complete-two-start-one formula, Tim's dad's socks + tomten = new project time. Subsequent posts will reveal that my maths is not very good (I'm up to sewing on the buttons already).


nikkishell said...

Just the subject i wanted to ask you about! I was chatting to Sharon the other night and she mentioned you may have Winifred Aldrich's childrens pattern drafting book. Do you? Do you recommend it?

Stacey said...

I think I've mentioned to you before that I have the Golden Hands books as well. I've looked at that pattern many times with the intention of one day making up a few skirts with it.
I love the detailed instructions in Golden Hands.
The Thread Den is a fantastic idea. Perhaps we should set up a south of the Yarra version?