Wednesday, 9 April 2008

illicit sox

This pair of socks was my treat pair of socks – my reward for having finished two projects . They are a special thank-you gift for our friends in Tasmania where no doubt they will shortly be wanting something to keep their toes toasty. Unfortunately, I don’t think that a finished treat project can count as a finished project towards the ‘complete-two-cast-on-one’ rule because otherwise I would never get ahead.

The Vital Statistics
Pattern: the classic basic Patons sock pattern.
Yarn: Grignasco Strong Print (4 ply) in Multi Blue/yellow/pink; 75% Merino Wool, 25% Nylon; two balls; purchased at Clegs.

: op shop 2.25mm aluminium, still not nice to knit with. I have purchased a bamboo set and will use them for my next pair.
Start to finish
: January 2008 to 6 April 2008
: Again, the basic sock pattern – a basic and enjoyable knit. The bands of colour are much wider than with the self-patterning yarn but I still like the effect.

The next pair will be Gentleman’s Fancy Sock (take a peek at this pair) from Nancy Bush’s Knitting Vintage Socks.


Mark Thwaite said...

I needs to learn me to knit! I get very, very cold feet sitting here all day writing my book reviews... I need to knit some kind of double-thickness home-made Totes!

The dogs sometimes warm me up by sitting on my lap, but they are too little to sit on my feet!

greenolive said...

the basic Paton sock pattern -is it in a book, leaflet or on the website - all i need know is a pattern and some DPNS and I'll be off!