Thursday, 13 November 2008

goodbye mr kitchener

Who was Kitchener to begin with? Or why at least is it called Kitchener stitch? Well anyway, never again. Or not if I can help it.

Hello magical figure eight cast on. Yep, Monday I officially cast on for Baudelaire. And what a fabulous technique. It was my first time so the stitches are a little sloppy but I'll pull them into shape later. We'll see how this goes but it could be toe-up socks for me from now on.


Di said...

Woo hoo! Toe up all the way, baby!!

yarnivorous said...

Hooray for toe up! I'll only do toe up unless I can't figure out how to a top down pattern the other way up. I like the Turkish cast on - fluffy knitter Deb has a tute on it on her blog, and so do I. :-)