Sunday, 9 May 2010

attack of the hundred dollar baby knit

Have you ever picked something up in a shop, or rather had a friend thrust something at you, that was so wrong that you just had to buy it and prove that you could do something with it? But to do something with it, you had to actually buy more yarn, not to mention needles upon which to knit it. Thus was born the hundred dollar baby knit.

The Vital Statistics

Shrug Bug by Gina Bonomo, available to download on Ravelry for US$5 (start your calculators).
Size: Just the one size provided for - 6 to 12 months - but I don't think that I got gauge so mine is a bit larger.
Gedifra Easy Wear in colourway 7405, a variegated super bulky yarn that my friend Olivia (yes, I'm naming names) found in the sale drawer at the back of a certain yarn store that I often criticise but regularly frequent, one skein (variegated super bulky - what was I thinking?). And Rowan Big Wool in colourway 57 Commodore, purchased the next day from the same store (fortunately also from the sale drawer), one skein but I misjudged and bought two. Adding up.
Needles: 12.75mm Addi Turbos and 15mm Crystal Palace bamboo circulars, needle sizes that of course I would never normally have use for and so had to purchase. From the aforementioned yarn store. And at that size, they're expensive. Still counting?
Start to finish:
17 April to 25 April 2010.
Recycle/stash content:
None whatsoever; I'm disappointed with myself. And I have actually ended up with a skein of Big Wool and some utterly redundant circular needles.
Comments: Where to begin? This was a project that just spiralled out of control and ended up costing a small fortune. Ok, some of it was for needles which are resuable, just unlikely to be reused by me.
Oh, and there was the button from Bad Woman Yarns, another $6. And the final product in the two yarns, while kind of cute, isn't even fit for purpose. Modifications - obviously, I used two different yarns. I also knit front and back twice to make the raglan increases instead of working yarn-overs.

Verdict: I wish that I hadn't. This was such a misguided project - for one thing, the yarns are both handwash only and my baby is a champion spewer. It will get worn once for a little while before being completely soaked in regurgitated breastmilk and will then wallow in the handwash pile for goodness knows how long. And then it will stink and then ... just not a good idea.

The pattern though is really very cute and I think would have been way more successful had it been executed in the one yarn throughout. It would actually have looked great had I just used the Big Wool. And I do have that extra skein; now if I could just get hold of some more ...

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Di said...

My deepest condolences, but rest assured we all have projects like this now and then- they're the best one's to learn from. At least it didn't take too long to knit! I have at least two totally misguided projects (adult sized!) that have been waiting several years now for recycling into something more appropriate. I think it's taken a while for the pain to ease so that I can face unpicking seams and frogging.
Big wool and big needles could be useful for a chunky cowl or a hat perhaps?