Sunday, 2 May 2010


Omelette anyone?

The Vital Statistics Pattern: Bird's Nest Pin Cushion by Hannah Fettig from the book Closely Knit: handmade gifts for the ones you love.
the size that it came out at in the yarn that I knit it with! I did make five eggs.
Jo Sharp Soho Summer DK Cotton in Cloudless and Rowan Purelife British Sheep Breeds DK.
3.75mm bamboo dpns for the eggs and 3.25mm Addi Lace for the nest.
Start to finish:
24 April to 28 April 2010.
Recycle/stash content:
All of it - hooray!! And the eggs are tightly stuffed with a bit of felted woollen sweater that I had floating around.

Comments: This was one of those projects that as soon as I saw it I knew that I had to make it and would hanker to do so. I love the way that you can use pretty much any yarn that you want to and the contrast between the eggs in a smooth blue cotton and the nest in a rustic wool. This Purelife stuff - when I blocked the little nest to make a bit more space the wet wool, the smell! Very rustic.

The eggs are a bit of a tricky knit - they start with a provisional cast on of 12 stitches and you knit to one end, then go back to those stitches and knit to the other. At first I thought this more trouble than it was worth but when I tried to cast on four stitches on dpns with cotton yarn I changed my mind. Just be sure to leave a long tail when you cast on with which to knit the other half of the egg. Less ends. The nest is knit in a basketweave stitch which I enjoyed and the effect is great.

One of those projects where I am thinking that I could make another one in the white cotton and a larger version of the nest with some heavier yarn and .... I really enjoyed making this nest, I think that the effect is wonderful - both whimsical and practical. I especially take pleasure in the slightly absurd act of sticking pins into eggs.

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