Thursday, 9 October 2008

rainy days and sundays

... actually neither of these gets me down, I love them both. Just as well because it rains a lot here in Seattle. Unfortunately, there is no commensurate increase in the incidence of Sundays. So, baby bear needs a raincoat because playing outside, stamping in puddles and going for walks in the rain is very important activity for a two-year old.

With the best refashionista intentions, I decided to put the tablecloth plan into action - that is, a gorgeous pink gingham and floral cross-stitch print pvc tablecloth that I acquired some weeks ago which was always destined to become wet-weather gear. I knew that I had a raincoat pattern from Children's Clothes: French Style tucked away somewhere (ok, on my usb stick), so I printed it out, enlarged it, cut out the pattern pieces and started sewing. This is the bit that gets me down - the pattern is really crap.

My sewing skills and confidence are not robust enough to cope with a pattern that completely spoils my sewing project. The raglan sleeves on this project are nowhere near deep enough. All that effort wasted (small lesson learned - do not trust this book), even on a small project, is really dismaying, particularly as the pvc fabric can't be replaced.


Anina said...

That sucks! And such cute "fabric" too!

Victoria said...

Still, if it had've worked it would have looked so so good! Pretty inspiring really.

Moorecat said...

Hi Amelia -

Can you cut apart the sleeve and side seams, and add another panel? If not the raincoat, can you put the opening at the back and turn it into an art smock?

It would be a shame to waste that lovely fabric :)