Friday, 10 October 2008

this is ... my favourite kitchen tool

This is a hard one as all of my kitchen stuff (and there's not that much of it) is all packed up in storage in Australia and we've been keeping to the bare minimum here. One bare minimum element though is a wooden spoon. A year or so ago I was on a campaign to find a good wooden spoon. I bought one of Huon pine and was chastised by a co-worker because apparently the tree is endangered. I also bought quite a nice rustic-looking one from Country Road made of olive wood. But neither of them were quite right.

This one, however, is quite possibly perfect. It's just right - the bowl of the spoon is the right size, the handle is the right length, it has good proportion. I have no idea what wood it is, it appears to be made in France. No matter where we end up, this wooden spoon will be coming with me.


Kitty said...

I too own this spoon, in fact I own four of them. 6 years ago I was living in brisbane & bought 2 of them from wheel & barrow & then after I moved to melbourne I was just never able to get out to the wheel & barrow in armadale. until last month & I bought another two. they are so good. the wood is birch. Sorry to ramble on, I just feel happy that someone else rates this spoon number one & I'm not totally crazy for thinking so highly of a wooden spoon. hee hee

Kitty said...

yeah, I use one of the older ones for soap making. It cleans up really well & doesn't affect the wood.