Friday, 17 October 2008

rl for ikea

Ok, so we've all heard about Isaac Mizrahi for Target and Comme des Garcons for H&M or whatever, but what about Ralph Lauren for Ikea? Well, maybe just at my house.

I've put some more of my recycled fabric stash to work making cushion covers - there's the Ralph Lauren bedsheet in there and the Ikea floral one side, coin spot the other. I just cut the sheets up to the dimension of the cushions, which was 26 inches square (actually, no I didn't, I didn't even cut them, I just ripped them) and sewed them up with two fabrics overlapping by about one-third of the width on one side. No zips, no buttons. Each cushion cover features all three fabrics. The fit is a bit wonky here and there but hey, the cushions are wonky too (two from the op shop, four from a garage sale) so that's fine. They will create a nice little reading corner in baby bear's room to snuggle up on and, dare I suggest it, to even take a little nap - please, pretty please?

ps - I started the slip stitching on the roses quilt last night. It's going to be a long haul but very satisfying.


Miri said...

I like these cushion covers-very shabby chic.

A said...

Love them! And it's great that they are recycled - "trash" to treasure!

Anina said...

I love the romantic shabby chic look of these covers.