Monday, 1 September 2008

this is ... my favourite fabric/craft shop

Well, it should be evident from the previous post that my favourite place to buy craft supplies is the op shop, that is, the thrift shop here in the US. I have been haunting the bed linens aisle of late:

Top image, from the left:

- dark purple self stripe queen-size doona cover (or duvet cover in some parts of the world) - Value Village I think - destined for the vintage fabric style quilt
- Ikea single bed doona cover, floral on one side and coin spot on the other - $1 at a local yard sale - perhaps big floor cushions for baby bear's room
- deep red doona cover - thrift store -
destined for the vintage fabric style quilt
- curtain swag (as mentioned in the previous post), floral on one side, blue and white stripe on the other - thrift store - vintage fabric style quilt
- Ralph Lauren floral queen-size sheet - Value Village -
vintage fabric style quilt
blue doona cover - Goodwill - vintage fabric style quilt
red floral pillow shams - thrift store - I really like these, I think they may escape intact!

Lower image, from the left:

- length of fabric, white with floral - thrift store - undecided fate
- length of fabric, polished chintz with a check - Value Village -
vintage fabric style quilt
- two small pieces of fabric, hemmed - thrift store - undecided fate
- two purple pillow shams with a geometric floral print - Value Village -
vintage fabric style quilt
- blue floral pillow sham - thrift shop
- vintage fabric style quilt
- dandelion sort of print cream and black fabric shower curtain - thrift shop -
vintage fabric style quilt
- pale green waffle weave cotton blanket - $2 at
a local yard sale - could this be batting for the quilt?

Of course, there are some great shopping stories behind a couple of these purchases, particularly the two from the yard sale. I was walking baby bear to child care that day and came across the sale. A woman was negotiating a price on a great floral doona cover and I was very disappointed to have not left the house five minutes earlier. Ok, I thought, there will always be more and continued on.

I was, however, of course, drawn back to the sale on my way home and there was the great floral doona cover. It turns out that the other shopper decided that she didn't want it at the last minute, leaving it there for me to come back to. And the cotton waffle weave blanket? Same yard sale, found the day after I decided that was what I was looking for. Kismet, I say.

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Victoria said...

I like all these finds, all lined up together, unmatching but kind of matching in their unmatching! they will make a wonderful quilt!! The accompanying shopping stories are always interesting and easy to remember when you look at each fabric design - i love that!