Wednesday, 24 September 2008

mixtape 6

Oh, I love this cover. Simple, sweet, retro.

Issue 6 of mixtape, the craft zine about making time for the small things, has gone into pre-sale mode and you can order your copy here.

What's in this issue?

Guys Should Sew
Natural Dyeing
Nicole Mallalieu
Microsoft wife
creative journal
Crafting on the rollercoaster of life
The twelve days of Christmas mix
working from home
A short history of Sticky
Kristen Doran
10 ways to green your holiday
Crafty Lady Profile “Rummage"

Microsoft wife? Oh, that would be me.


Moorecat said...

Does that make T "Blogspot Husband"?

Thought of you tonight at s'n'b - you are missed :)

Anina said...

I'm going to have to get this copy. Did you leave any good advice in there?

Suse said...

Natural Dyeing - that would be me!

(Or natural dying, as one wit said ...)

Anonymous said...

oh I love the cover too! Can't wait to get a copy.

Navel Gazer said...

Microsoft wife - also me. I'm in Singapore and have been a mw for 16 years. Strange how it pervades your life as well as his.

I love the children's clothes you have made. Your patchwork has turned out very well too. I also notice that I have a great number of the books you do - do you think it's spooky or fun?