Monday, 29 September 2008

this is ... what i want to show off

Two posts in one day - ha ha!

Actually, I want to have a bit of a boast about I op therefore I am, Melbourne's collaborative op shopping blog which is my other bloggy hobby.

I started the blog in July 2007 because I needed a space to ramble on about all of my latest op shop treasures (and I needed to stop boring some of my friends). Also, I thought that some other people may like to share their op shopping adventures with the world.

Turns out that I was right. There are now dozens of people regularly contributing and hundreds of people reading the blog. It got a mention in The Age a couple of weeks ago and last week on Wednesday evening I presented (albeit remotely) at the Sustainable Cities Round Table - Waste Not Want Not organised by Sustainable Melbourne (thanks Ferne!).

Many thanks to all who post, read, comment and participate in the blog - it truly is a collaborative blog and you make it the success that it is. Everyone else - why not click on over right now?


nikkishell said...

Well done chick!!! You've done a great job with the blog.
We need to catch up sometime soon.

A said...

I LOVE that blog! Definitely worth showing off ; )

Anonymous said...

great showoff. well done

Maureen Reynolds said...

How are you finding op/thrift in the US compared to back home?

I think it takes so much time to cultivate the 'right' shops and then hope their either keep to their cheap prices and/or no one else finds them.