Thursday, 18 September 2008


Just over a week ago baby bear turned two - hip hip hooray! Sunday past we had a morning tea party in the park.

'Turtle' is a word that she is very enthusiastic about at the moment so we ate one. Bit macabre really, isn't it?


nikkishell said...

Happy birthday gorgeous girl! Turtle's are well likes around these parts too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amelia, Tim and Baby Bear.

It's your long lost Mel here. I have just hopped on the site following months of no internet access (no blogging from work) and no phone number for you. I sent you an email to your other address but I gather you are not using it over there. Can you send me your number so I can call you for a long lost chat? Blogging seems like a one way street. You do a marvelous job at enlightening your readers and I only get to marvel at how cleaver you are. But what I really want to do is fire questions questions questions.

xxx Mel

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday little bear! Or I could say, little turtle. Hugs and kisses from spookylana and your small friend Amelie xo

Anonymous said...

turtle in sign language is very cute. My 3 year old loves it. Will try to explain it you put one hand on top of the other so that your one thumb is each side and then wiggle your thumbs around. Love both your blogs thank you.