Friday, 12 September 2008


Ah, way back when, in my uni days, we would sit around and 'unpack the text', by which was meant we would draw out all the little nuances and allusions leaving no phrase unturned. Since my uni days all I have done is unpack boxes after moving house. And finally I have unpacked all of my yarn and can show you the delicious handspun that was sent to me by my secret pal, along with other goodies.

It really is hard to capture all of the beautiful shades in this yarn- there's a pumpkin orange, some pale blue/grey, a little green and a touch of gold. Wonderfully soft, I am really impressed with the skill that has gone into this. Apologies that it is belated but secret pal, heartfelt thanks for this lovely gift.


Anonymous said...

what r u planning to make

Liana said...

very pretty! what are your plans for it?