Wednesday, 29 October 2008


A couple of Saturdays ago baby bear and I drove Tim to the airport to see him off to Ohio for a week (conference; not sure who got a better deal).

Comedy - they say that it's all in the timing. Not three hours after he left it was time for a nappy change. "No nappy, undies", baby bear told me. We had a try and a very quick mishap. Any suggestions on how best to go about toilet training?


Leonie said...

We resorted to bribery for our first two boys. One choc chip for dry undies and success in the loo, 5 for a deposit! Neither of mine were willing to stop the nappies but at 2.5 years for each of them I had had enough!! We were also lucky we had polished floor boards so any accident was just wiped up, so no biggie. Good Luck!

delamare said...

Just hang in there, and let her lead the way. Be prepared for accidents. You may need to return to nappies for a while (when our daughter started, she was fine for a few days and then kept having accidents, so went back to nappies for a month before properly being out of them).

And take comfort in the knowledge that girls are so much faster at this than girls!

Jessica said...

I put a potty right on the floor next to them--wherever they were--and set a timer for 15 minutes. Every time it went off I put them on the potty. If they went in the potty they got a small treat. Then reset the timer. Repeat.

Nikki said...

All kids are different... When my little one decided "no nappies" we just went cold turkey on them. Lots of spare changes of clothes and mopping up for two days, and then no nappies since - not even at night time. We offered the lure of a "big girls bed" when she didn't need nappies anymore and even made a special trip to Ikea (her favourite place!!??) to pick one out.Accidents happen now, but are VERY VERY RARE.

Moorecat said...

Yep, I second all of the above. Once they're ready, it's usually very quick. If it doesn't work, just explain to her that the muscles in her tummy aren't ready to hold on yet and she can try again soon (1 month?).

Both of mine were late starters, but got the hang very quickly. DD night-trained herself about 4 weeks after being dry during the day.

Sometimes it's good to have one on them for insurance in the early stages, long car trips or full days out and about are a good example.

DS? Well, I'll let you know about the night-dryness, although he's starting to achieve progress in the last couple of weeks. A visit to the GP made no difference, we were just told time is the key.

I figure there's no real rush, apart from if there is a requirement by daycare or kinder.

Corrie said...

sorry no TT advice here and no girls wanting indies yet! I'm waiting till we move to the new house with wooden floors...glad to see you're still crafting and finding some bargains in the US