Tuesday, 23 February 2010

applause please

I've done it, I've earned my knitting stripes, I've knit a clapotis. I've also frogged it - never mind.

Clapotis by Kate Gilbert, available from knitty.com. It is a fantastic pattern - a unique concept and extremely well devised, all the way down to the stitches that create a consistent selvedge across all sections. I like this sort of attention to detail.
Ah, rather huge, too huge in fact. I knit 8 rpts of section 2 and 28 rpts of section 3. The width was good (in theory) but it turned out rather too long.
Needles: 4mm Addi Turbo.
Handmaiden Fine Yarns Casbah, a merino/cashmere/nylon sock yarn, colourway Vintage.
Start to finish:
I started this on 31 December 2009 and knit furiously until 5 February 2010. It's taken me until today to accept that it hasn't been a success. I should have known when I couldn't be bothered to weave in the ends ...

Comments: Knitting is harder than you might think. Well, not the actual knitting but the creation of an item that works. I realise now that designers must put in a lot of thought to the mix of pattern, structure, texture and fibre. That was the problem with my clapotis: it just didn't work. For one thing, my choice of yarn was not compatible with the stole that I wanted to create. The Casbah is gorgeous yarn, squishy and drapey but this drape combined with the bias inherent in the pattern just created a too long scarf that was too bulky to boot. And then there was the variegated yarn effect - I didn't like it, it pooled. I loved the yarn when it was all in a hank but not when knit up. I'm curious to see what it looks like when done in garter stitch which I have had luck with before when using a variegated yarn.

Verdict: You knit, you learn. Why did I keep knitting this, even long after I had misgivings? Because I had a brand new baby, because I was spending hours on the couch breastfeeding, because despite the tumultuous change in my life and obligations I wanted to hold on to something of my own. I was knitting, feverishly, to save a sliver of my old life.


Lynn in Tucson said...

We knit for all sorts of reasons, don't we? Good on you for the frogging, though. I'm sure that lovely yarn is destined for something you will truly enjoy.

Rachel said...

Gorgeous yarn. sometimes you just want to knit so much that you keep going when it doesn't work. I have done that several times. I also try to have 2 projects going so that one of them can be super simple when anything challenging or attention needing can't be knit.

Ann Gibson said...

Yes, I think you'll like the multi more in garter stitch, or even better brioche, knit one below, or some slip pattern. Can't wait to see what it'll be.

Di said...

Hey you know, I think you learn FAR more that way than any other. Congrats on having the ability to see all that and to frog it. Many a lesser knitter wouldn't! And as you say, at least it gave you an easy focus when your life must be feeling a bit upside down.

Leonie said...

Shame about the Clapotis, congrats on finishing it with a tiny one to distract you, nice work keeping some "me" time. It does help in the long run :-)

Maiden Jane said...

Wow, the pix still look beautiful. I'm amazed that you could feed a baby and knit this - wish I had tried that. I'm currently intrigued by Mara - perhaps that would be a good choice for the lovely yarn?

shandy said...

Gosh, that was brave - to frog straight away, rather than giving it the obligatory six months rest period in a dark cupboard first.