Thursday, 4 February 2010

tender buttons

I've had some button luck lately. I bought a Moth cardigan at Value Village the weekend before last. I didn't like the cardigan, but I do love the buttons. As you can see, buttons and garment have since parted ways - now I need to make something that requires four buttons. Ah, any excuse.

And several, several weeks ago, I finally mastered a knit buttonhole that I am happy with - extremely happy in fact. I have never been satisified with the basic 'k2tog yo' buttonhole and upon Di's advice tried the one-row buttonhole which I believe comes from Vogue Knitting: the ultimate knitting book. This is a very neat and tidy buttonhole with good sturdy edges and no stray loops for buttons to get caught in. I heartily recommending having a look at it.

I have put it to good use in the front left side ribbing of my woolsthorpe cardigan. Yes, long neglected but still in the works, as are many of my current knits. The next few posts will be a review and assessment of the current knitting situation.

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Di said...

Perfect! Glad it worked to your satisfaction :)