Monday, 8 February 2010


Is it possible for a pattern to just infiltrate your brain? When I need some knitting supplies (mostly needles or to check out books) I like to go to The Weaving Works in the U-District of Seattle. And every time I walk in the door, my eye is caught by a poster for the Rowan Purelife range. And that poster features this cardigan/jacket - Bergamot.

At first I didn't like it. Then I found it quite interesting. And now, well I'm thinking about what yarn I might make it from.

I'm in a crochet frame of mind at the moment as I am planning to make the Icelandic Jacket (Ravelry link) from Adorable Crochet for Babies and Toddlers by Lesley Stanfield. I am hoping to use up some Jo Sharp Soho Summer DK Cotton that I have had forever.
This got me to thinking about crochet jackets, got me to thinking specifically about this one.

Thing is, this is one of those patterns that I find it difficult to imagine in any colourway other than that presented by the yarn company and this yellow/tan is not something that I could/would ever wear. But it seems to need something in a neutral shade - is that perhaps the styling of the whole thing? Am I mad?

Or perhaps I've just been drinking too much Earl Grey tea lately.


Leonie said...

I immediately thought navy would work, would just depend what you put under it. Also don't know whether navy is one of your colours or not. Good luck with picking a colour that works for you.

Rachel said...

I think it might be the styling. Personally it doesn't look like it has any shaping in the chest area which could make it hard to fit. I could also see the name being a draw. I have bought several candles/lotions because they were suppose to be bergamot scented.

Anonymous said...

A deep, charcoal gray (to go with your tea?) would be lovely. Very neutral, but classy. I could also see it in an oatmeal or a heathered cream.

Aimee said...

Or a really rich plum color. Just the thing to go all the way from fall to spring.

no blog norma said...

maybe a mid grey,pity you cant alter the image and play with colours !

Amy said...

No, no, you could totally make that in any color you like. I do think a blue would look particularly nice on you!

Speaking of crochet, remember how you tried teaching me awhile back? It seems I just needed to practice and practice some more. I think I've finally got the hang of it :) Thank you!