Thursday, 11 February 2010


In the last couple of days, in an attempt to use up some stash, I have managed to acquire five new balls of yarn. I have had some Jo Sharp Soho Summer DK Cotton in colourway Cloudless (at left) since days of yore, or at least since very early in my knitting career; it could well be one of my first stashed yarns. I bought it before I understood gauge and it wasn't a great colour for me anyway. I have since used it to knit a child's jumper and perhaps some other oddments.

The desire to use it led me to the Icelandic Jacket (centre) which requires three extra colours, only one of which I am counting amongst my new five (Calico on the right). Thoughts of crochet led me to the Bergamot jacket which led me to a yarn store (or two) in search of the pattern book and some hooks and basically at this stage, all was lost.

In my wanderings I managed to pick up (left to right) a ball of Rowan Revive in colourway Ironstone, Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Peridot, Rowan Lima in Lima and Rowan Felted Tweed in Camel. They are all curiosity purchases, the first two as possibilities for Bergamot, the second two as options for Tim's Great Garment of 2010 (TGG10). I'll swatch them up and probably end up knitting four more baby hats.

Bergamot isn't looking too hopeful though. Thank you so much for all the colour suggestions - navy, grey, oatmeal, cream - all of which, alas, are contraindicative to this being a project for me; as lovely as I think that Bergamot would be in any of those shades they are not ones that I can wear. A rich plum on the other hand, lovely on me but I can't see Bergamot in it. Perhaps we are an ill-fated pairing, this project and I?

ps. The other two Soho Summer shades are still in transit, otherwise it would have been seven.

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