Thursday, 28 October 2010

done done done


456 rows. Two borders of 66 rows each, 324 lace rows, that's 81 repeats, lace both sides.

Done done done!!

And considering that in March this year I was truly doubting my ability to continue with this project, I am super happy. After finishing those central lace repeats just four days ago, I got through the second 66-row border in no time. I've done a preliminary wet blocking but without pinning it, just to stretch it out so that the slipped edge stitches are easier to locate for the knitted-on edging. I can do this!!

(And I've also located a couple more balls of the yarn so I actually can, physically, do the edging too. Phew, I was a bit worried for some moments. Just a reminder - this is recycled yarn from a dress that I bought at Savers in Las Vegas so there's no more after this. It also means that the panel above, folded in half, was all knit with a single thread.)


Leonie said...

Heavens I'd forgotten you were working on this! Did you solve your stitch marker problem or did you just keep persevering with it?
How big is it? It looks wonderful. Are you going to take a photo with it all spread out when it's done?

Must be question day :-)

Emma L said...

There should be a medal for projects like this! It looks fabulous.