Thursday, 4 October 2007

golden hands

This wonderful book came in the mail today - it's so exciting to come home from work to a package peeking out from underneath the doormat. The Golden Hands Book of 60 Things to Sew for Children. When I first saw this book a couple of weeks ago it was an incredible nostalgia trip for me - upon opening it I realised that I already knew this book from when I was a child. True déjà vu.

I recognised the models and remembered which ones I liked best and who as a child I wanted to be friends with (the blonde girl in the grey culotte dress). The book was published in 1973 (isbn 0 600 07164 2), has a banana yellow and chocolate brown colour scheme and includes a number, well, 60 classic 70s patterns. Oh, and the terminology - 'adorable sleeveless beach robe' (in pastel striped terry towelling), 'crisp trouser suit', 'gaily trimmed pinafore'. These are patterns that call for ric-rac and a large stash of shirring elastic.

I intend to use some of these patterns to make the items that I have in mind for baby bear from my op shop purchases. The measurements are all in inches which should be fun to work with.

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