Wednesday, 17 October 2007

mccall's 2403

This is the pattern that I purchased a few weeks ago for an unlined child's coat which I will not be making from polar fleece. I intend (oh, one day) to make a woollen version from a recycled Romeo Gigli jacket and a summer version from this great 60s cotton sundress.

It's always great to find a vintage dress that is 100% cotton. I'm sure that synthetics seemed like a good idea at the time, but the number of great op shop items that I have passed up because they were made from Dacron or BriNylon ... sob. Unfortunately this dress doesn't fit me, and I don't like the zip down the front, but I wasn't prepared to part with some original vintage natural fibres. Oh, and another great retro tag.

It's also the dress that I used in the banner for the I op therefore I am blog.


Di said...

gorgeous fabric! will make a lovely coat for your wee one.

greenolive said...

it is a fabulous print!