Sunday, 14 October 2007


Following on from previous posts about my best intentions and my thing about Scanlan&Theodore is yet another planned project. Let me explain.

Some time after leaving S&T, Fiona Scanlan started designing Children's clothes = Big by Fiona Scanlan. There's not really much to see on the website but I spent a bit of time perusing the collection in Myer a few weeks ago. There I was quite taken with a very simple blue and white check dress with a lovely crochet, hmm, not quite a collar because it sat only in the centre front, but also not a jabot because there was no ruffle. Oh, let's just call it an elaborate crochet motif applied to the front.

Instantly, I wanted to make this dress, mostly because I love to crochet and there is nothing that spurs a craftstress more than the 'oh, I could do that' response. Further, there is little chance that we will forego paying the electricity bill to purchase any Big by Fiona Scanlan for baby bear in the near future (although I do have a jacket stashed away for her in a size 4 courtesy of Sacred Heart Mission - $12.)

I had a quick leaf through some crochet books for similar motifs but then had a brainwave - re-use. I made some fabulous purchases at Prahran Mission Goodwill Shop a week or so a go (have a look!) and this piece of lace will make do very nicely as a collar decoration. The pattern will be a very simple one courtesy of Golden Hands . The fabric I think I will purchase - it caught my eye the other day when I had a quick browse at Cutting Edge Fabric.

It's another one to add to the best intentions list. It can take the place of the Elizabeth Zimmerman tomten jacket in Noro Kureyon, shade 148. I've cast on.


fiona said...

very good intentions i say!!i have the 'i can do that'sickness too!!just need to get off the computer and do it!!

delamare said...

I love big clothes too, but I have only ever bought them on sale for my now nine year old daughter and five year old son. Do keep an eye on Myer sales - twice a year they have major reductions on big stuff. I picked up a great tiered skirt a couple of years back which cost me $20 and she's worn it to death summer and winter (she'll get another season out of it too, even though it's a sise 7).

I was rather disheartened though with big, because their upper size limit is 8, and I love the fact that the clothes actually look like kids clothes. Good to hear that Fiona Scanlon has now introduced a label for older girls - aged 8 to 14 - and the styling is great. Clothes for girls that looks like it is for girls no shrunken teenagers. But it is expensive.

She's dropped the boys line to, which is sad. Don't get me started on trying to find decent, well made reasonably priced clothes for boys - I'm just pleased there's Cotton On Kids!

Anonymous said...

I love serial mysteries also. Try PT Tracy (a mother-daughter writing team) who have a whole cast of characters in their mysteries.