Sunday, 20 January 2008


In the beginning there was a load of washing. By the afternoon it was hung out to dry. In the evening it was brought in to be folded. The next day the whole process started all over again.

Early on baby bear was what is termed a 'happy chucker' - immediately after feeding, half an hour after feeding, a bit later on as well. Given how often she chucked up, you can imagine how thankful I am that she did so happily. I changed not only her outfit several times a day but also mine. This is how it comes about that my washing machine - a Simpson Genesis 505 - is one of my favourite things. Basically, I would be lost without it.

I got it when I was 19 from my grandmother's house, after she passed away. I don't know how long she had owned it for but it must be a good 15 years old and still going strong.

One of the liberations of motherhood for me, I must say, has been the discovery that there is no such thing as hand washing. In the past I would have had a separate pile of things to be hand washed - special detergent, gently agitated, thoroughly rinsed, carefully wrung out, laid out to dry - which, needless to say, rarely actually got done and as such also rarely worn. But not anymore. Silk cardigan? Woollen handknit? Vintage dress? All of it, in the wash (albeit in a laundry bag - also a favourite thing).


fiona said...

my heavy duty washing machine and dryer are my best friends!handwashing whats that????

Dees said...

He that is dutch!!!We always say bollewangenhapsnoet!so funny I found you!
Bye from Holland!xoxo

tksmum said...

Ah, yes, Simpson washers are wondrous things! I've had several, they wash well, felt fabulously, last for ages, and can usually be fixed OK. I had a 15 y-o one die when I had 2 boy babies in cloth nappies - it had done 1.5 years of one baby, then about 9 months of 2 before it turned up it's toes! Replaced it with another Simpson, which lasted till the older kid was at TAFE.
Both of mine were spitters, one worse than the other - I usually wore an oldish cloth nappy folded into 8 over my shoulder - became a sport of permanent attachment, LOL. Easier to wash than clothes.
I've always handwashed about 90% of my handknits - perhaps that's why I have and still wear a jacket in Patons Totem, made in the early 1970s!!