Monday, 7 January 2008

the incredible mr tulk

Mr Tulk - such a strange name for a cafe (or licensed cafe espresso bar as the case may be).

"Who is Mr Tulk?

The cafe is named for Mr Augustus Henry Tulk, the Library's first Chief Librarian. He was appointed in 1856, and worked with Redmond Barry to build the foundations of the Library’s collections. He led the Library for 17 distinguished years."

I do love libraries but, surprisingly, have not spent a lot of time at the State Library of Victoria. There was an ill-fated tutoring excursion when I was at uni (didn't have change for the lockers, didn't know my way around, didn't know what I was doing basically) and I have made a couple of visits for myself, once to look at a rare book which was quite an exciting experience. It was brought to me on a pillow and I had to wear white cotton gloves to leaf very gently through it. Unfortunately, it wasn't at all what I was looking/hoping for, so I leafed through it in a matter of minutes which didn't seem to befit the circumstances at all.

Anyway, Mr Tulk is the l
icensed cafe espresso bar at the SLV and as it is but a brisk ten minute walk down Little Lonsdale Street from work, I expect that I will be going there more often. An odd floor plan but good dimensions, dark wood and white walls, midsummer light streaming through the windows. I have just ordered yet another copy of a library book that I coveted to the point of purchase. Imagine what would happen if I got stuck into the SLV collection ... I think that I'll have to keep my lunch breaks short.


Lazy cow said...

I don't think I've EVER been to the State Library (shocking, for a librarian, I know). Once the kids are ensconced in kinder and school next month I'm going! I'm a sucker for a good cafe :-)

Bronwyn said...

I have also, gasp, never been inside our State Library! Just a few days ago, on a childfree day, I had every intention to visit, walked up the steps, into the foyer, realised that I had to pay for a locker to put my shopping in, felt that that was unnecessary, and decided to come back again sans shopping. Headed out through 'Mr Tulk' and it looked really cool! Does it have a good 'sweeties' range and of course, is the coffee great? It is a bit sad that I plan to revisit the library because I want to look cool at the cafe, like I read alot or something! He He!

Bronwyn said...

Sorry Amelia, I was just reading that you never ever drink coffee, but love a good hot chocolate - how is it at 'Mr Tulk'? Can you explain what your blog title means? I am fascinated.